September 30, 2014

SO-31 September 25, 2014

Mr. Richard Harris (Cariboo—Prince George, CPC):
Mr. Speaker, I want to quote from a recently stranded Canadian:
So as Canadians, most of us already know how awesome Westjet is. But when you’re in a line up of…15,000 people in 34 degree temperatures with no shelter or food and Westjet pulls you out of that line…you [have got to love them even more]…. We arrived at the Cabo San Lucas airport…to a very…grave situation…. [The hurricane] hit on Sept 14 and tourists were stranded for…days…with little water and food at their resorts. The line up of people trying to fly out was miles long…. Suddenly we hear “Westjet?? Canadian? Come with [us]…”…. Westjet took every Canadian, whether [they] booked…with them or not, and got us home. …snacks and water in every seat. They gave us free food. They paid for our hotel, taxi and food in Calgary. …Tim Hortons at the lineup…handed out…with smiles. I will never be able to say a big enough thank you [to WestJet]. What an amazing company.